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What is a Hybrid Car?

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV charging while parked


As the popularity of more efficient models grows around Philadelphia, you may be wondering, “What is a hybrid car?” In simple terms, the hybrid car definition is a vehicle that combines an electric motor with gasoline engines to provide you with a better fuel economy, however, the hybrid car meaning can be further broken down into different hybrid powertrains. 

If you’re looking for a way to save at the pump, a hybrid vehicle might be the right choice for you. At Springfield Mitsubishi, we’ll dive deeper into answering, “What is a hybrid car?” and learn more about the hybrid car definition across different powertrains. Then, use our vehicle finder service to find the perfect hybrid vehicle for you. 

Hybrid Powertrains

True to its name, the hybrid car’s meaning relates to its blend of an electric motor with a traditional combustion engine to maximize fuel efficiency. While fully electric vehicles also bring environmental benefits, hybrid models allow you to find more efficient performance without changing your typical performance around Delaware County too much. When you’re searching for the right hybrid vehicle for your daily commutes and weekend adventures, it’s helpful to understand the difference between the hybrid powertrains: 

Parallel Hybrid

The parallel hybrid is likely what you’re picturing when you think about the hybrid market today. The hybrid car definition for parallel powertrains means that the electric motor and gasoline engine work together to propel the vehicle forward by being connected to the same automatic, manual, or CVT transmission. 

Series Hybrid

Sharing a similar hybrid car definition as parallel hybrids, series hybrid models also have electric motors paired with a gasoline engine. However, the electric motor is connected directly to the transmission to be the sole power source of the vehicle. This means the gasoline engine is acting as a generator for the electric motor while the motor works to power the gasoline engine. 

Plug-In Hybrid

As another popular option, you’ll see around Morton, PA, the plug-in hybrid similarly uses an electric motor with a gasoline engine that both connect to the transmission. However, plug-in hybrids have the ability to run solely on electric power for extended periods of time and recharge by plugging into a charging station. This means that the larger battery packs in plug-in hybrid models can take you through your daily commutes or errands around town only on electric power, and if you run out of electric driving range, the gas engine takes over your drives as a conventional parallel hybrid vehicle. 

If you’re interested in efficient performance of a plug-in hybrid vehicle, explore the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or learn more about the Mitsubishi models with Springfield Mitsubishi.

Explore Efficient Performance with Springfield Mitsubishi!

If you’re looking to explore hybrid vehicles, contact us to test drive the Outlander PHEV and learn more about hybrid models with Springfield Mitsubishi. When you’re ready to take a model home, the team in our finance center can discuss your car buying options.

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