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Do Tires Affect MPG?

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Fuel-efficient and safety-conscious drivers in Philadelphia ask us a lot of questions about gas mileage, and one of our most common questions is, “Do tires affect mpg?” And the answer is yes. Your tires do have an impact on your fuel efficiency and performance, and it’s always a good idea to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.



We’ll go over these questions and more below as we answer:

  • Do bigger tires affect mpg?
  • Do bigger wheels affect mpg?
  • How much does tire weight affect mpg?

Learn more about your tires and mpg below– and be sure to check out our service and parts tips, courtesy of our professional service center!

Do Bigger Tires Affect MPG?

Yes, bigger tires affect mpg. But do bigger wheels affect mpg? Putting your vehicle in drive puts friction between your tires and the ground. This is called rolling resistance, and it’s the force that slows down your tires. Having more resistance means a poorer fuel economy on your vehicle, and larger tires have more rolling resistance. 

Air drag and road quality also play a factor in the resistance that your tires meet when driving, and you can boost your mpg with low-resistance tires with thinner sidewalls, shallower treads, and lower weight. Be sure to check if these kinds of tires are recommended for your vehicle, and contact us today online or at 484-574-8434 option 1!

How Much Does Tire Weight Affect MPG?

Tire weight affects mpg in a variety of ways for Delaware County drivers. Having more weight on your vehicle increases the need for fuel to propel your vehicle forward. Here are some answers to “How much does tire weight affect mpg?”:

  • Larger tires require your vehicle’s engine to burn more fuel to move the vehicle forward. You may have also been told to not keep too many items in your vehicle as having too much weight will lower your mpg. This is the same idea, but some models require larger tires. Think of heavy-duty pickup trucks or some SUVs.
  • Smaller tires and wheels require less engine output and handle stop-and-go city traffic better in comparison. Stop-and-go traffic also lowers your mpg, but it’s often hard to avoid in daily life.
  • Are larger, heavier tires beneficial? Yes! Larger tires are necessary for heavy-duty vehicles, and they cover more distance when they’re rolling. It can be unsafe to use smaller tires on larger vehicles, especially when towing or hauling.

Learn More About Tires and Maintenance with Springfield Mitsubishi

Now that you have a better answer to the questions, “Do tires affect mpg?” and “Do bigger tires affect mpg?”, you’re better prepared to take care of your vehicle or find one that’s right for you. Our professional service team can help Morton, PA drivers with a variety of other questions and services, like how to check your transmission fluid and how to keep your car cool in the summer. We also offer a great roadside assistance program for our dedicated customers!


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